Why choose solar energy?

Increased payback

Contribution to a more eco-friendly environment

Reduced electricity expenses

Increased property value

Why Transventa Solar?


Our long lasting experience will ensure you a quality-based installation, preparation of needed documents and maintenanc


Our professional specialist will provide you with the appropriate solar modules, inverters and other gear that is neeed for your solar plant installation


Our company believes that solar power is a path to a brighter and better future

Our completed works – 101.54 mW

Mažeikiai, Lietuva

Utena, Lietuva

Panevėžys, Lietuva

Речица, Baltarusija

Miunster, Vokietija

Lengerich, Vokietija

Lehrte, Vokietija

Dinslaken, Vokietija

Magdeburg, Vokietija

Gampelen, Šveicarija

Laufen, Šveicarija

Delemont, Šveicarija

Buknaičių kaimas, Mažeikių raj.

Oranų kaimas, Vilkaviškio raj.

Daubiškių kaimas, Akmenės raj.

Dovilai, Klaipėdos apskritis

Kyšių kaimas, Akmenės raj.

Griežės kaimas, Telšių apskritis

Klaipėda Jakai ir Budrikiai (netoli Jaku žiedo)

Akmenės raj., Kairiškių kaimas

Leipheim, Vokietija

Eisleben, Vokietija

Klaipėda, Lietuva

Schwarzwald, Vokietija

Hannover, Vokietija

Dessau, Vokietija

Kothen, Vokietija

Power Montage

Our main partner is german company POWER-MONTAGE GMBH & CO.KG. Since 2007 this company specializes in selling and installing solar power plants in whole Europe.

We believe that our partner main advantage is his long lasting experience in this relatively new business sector, which most of the lithuanian companies are lacking at the moment. Moreover, company engineers participate in whole process during power plant installation, provides proffesional advices which suits clients the best in planning, right materials choosing and their montaging stages.


REC – Solar GmbH (Germany)

REC is the biggest European solar modules producer for solar power plant in Europe. REC produces polysilicon, wafers, cells and modules for the solar industry, and silicon materials for the PV segments. While being engaged in the whole production line REC conrols quality of modules, their efficency and reliability, therefore could proudly offer 25 years products warranty